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Charge for fire and police protection at fairground

To The Daily: From all outside appearances, the fairground board and Catherine Halbrooks think like a couple of spoiled-brat children in a sandbox with their toys. Because they were here first, they think they can do whatever they want and it is all right. Since these poor babies have been there since 1962 and there were no houses here then, Decatur should throw back its city limits, its city fire and police protection to the edge of what is now known as Central Parkway.

I don’t want this to come as a big surprise, but times have changed since 1962. If the fairground had a fire, a riot break out or need an ambulance, who would they call? They want to be exempt from the city laws but keep the city police and fire protection.

They should be required to pay for these services out of their own pocket and have an ambulance there every day and night for any activity. I can assure you this would halt the activity because they couldn’t afford to pay for the cost of the required number of police officers, an individual medical service for any accident, or a fire truck and the personnel required to man said fire truck. The city should insist these be in place before anyone is allowed into the fairground. The all-night parties could get out of hand, or a building could catch on fire, or even a person at the party could drink too much and need an ambulance. Make this a requirement, no exceptions.

When this requirement is instituted, no one will be able to afford the expense. This will put to rest the dispute as to what it costs for a night out at the fairground.

Aaron Potts

Columnist spews heresy, leading others into ditch

To The Daily: The Rev. James Evans states in his column that if we were to look through the Hubble telescope we would not take Genesis literally. I wonder what other things in the Bible we should not take literally? That little story about Abraham having a son through Sarah who was past childbearing years: should that be taken literally? What about David killing a giant with a stone? Is that to be taken literally? How about that Jonah thing?

Does the Rev. Evans think the story about Mary being “overshadowed by the Holy Ghost” is to be taken literally?

How about Jesus Christ dying on the cross of Calvary for the remission of the sins of the world? Is that to be taken literally?

In Christianity, we don’t fight with those who speak heresy. We speak out. We disagree. Jesus didn’t come to Earth to give us an example of how to be nice. He came to give life to those who were dead in sins, and that includes me.

The Rev. Evans probably thinks he is being a faithful minister of what he has been taught, but “if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”

Eric Drexil Holland

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