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Mayor and council don’t listen, renege on promises

To The Daily: I wholeheartedly agree with Kerry Grissett (Letters, Sept. 27) concerning the council and mayor, not only on the smoking/nonsmoking issue but mostly with everything they have done and not done.

I feel they are totally incompetent regarding the concerns of the citizens of Decatur. They have their agenda and plan to keep it that way.

Each and every one of them campaigned to repeal the 1-cent sales tax increase and two or more years later nothing has been done.

They are all about hogwash and themselves. Election time is coming.

Frank Tapscott

Fascism seems to be creeping into social fabric

To The Daily: I am going to mention a few things going on here in the Valley:

  • Taking away of business owners’ right to run their businesses as they see fit. (Decatur’s unconstitutional smoking ban.)

  • Operation (super secret) Clean Sweep, in which the supposed target was Hispanic gangs. Out of about 350 folks arrested, only one was an illegal alien (no gang members). The rest were American citizens, according to The Daily in other news reports.

  • The unconstitutional impound fever that is sweeping the North Alabama area. Now Decatur’s mayor and other cities are considering same thing.

  • The Decatur Daily’s Hiding in plain sight articles, which urge neighbors to spy and turn in their neighbors, and an article in which City Attorney Herman Marks encourages people to turn in others for smoking.

    Land of the free? Now can anyone tell me, what is wrong with this picture? If you don’t know, I pity you.

    “Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.”

    Welcome to Decatur, the fascist growing socialist city in Alabama.

    Jerry West

    Local connection cut from Associated Press feature

    To The Daily: I was disappointed in the way The Decatur Daily chose to edit the article on Civil War Bands (Sept. 30). The original article contained several quotes and a photograph of Huntsville’s Olde Towne Brass, performing at the Old State Bank and Rhodes Ferry Park. Why would you remove the local connection in a national release?

    Those wanting the whole article can go to

    Terry Cornett

    Eric Drexil Holland

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