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More oversight of U.S. military weapons needed

To The Daily: Did I read correctly: 190,000 U.S. guns “lost” in Iraq? What is this?

A farmer has to document for the IRS every sack of feed, salt block, etc. that he uses on the farm. Does anybody have to document the dispensation of war weapons?

Maybe the IRS needs to be in charge of the war. Jane Wilcoxson

Daily misled public about law by using word ‘including’

To The Daily: In the Sept. 26 edition of The Daily, Mayor Don Kyle stated there had been enough coverage of the new smoking ban to properly educate the public on who it affects. This statement is ridiculously exaggerated.

The Decatur Daily has misled you from day one. Very few articles even mention that all places of employment are included in the ban. The ones that do say the ban “affects all public places, including bars, restaurants, all businesses with employees, etc.” The operative word here is “including.”

The Daily uses the flawed logic that all businesses are public businesses, so people who do not cater to the public are obviously confused. Whether The Daily did this deliberately or from simple ignorance I cannot say. A logical person would assume if it were a simple mistake, they would have addressed it the last time I brought it to their attention. But then, the easiest way to pacify the populace has always been to conceal what the government actually does.

I encourage all business owners to visit the Decatur Daily Web site at to see what the ordinance actually states. Section 18.5-3 defines what public places are, such as bars, restaurants, etc. not included, but in a whole different section you will see the outline of all other businesses with employees.

I’ll sum it up for everyone. Smoking is banned in all businesses with employees except outdoor jobs and tobacco outlets. If you work alone, in whatever profession, and decide to hire a secretary, then you can no longer smoke in your office.

Ben Williamson

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