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Lawrence political problem no match for tornado tragedy

To The Daily: This letter regards the statements made by Lawrence County Commission Chairman Bradley Cross in a Sept. 28 article in The Decatur Daily.

First of all, the tornadoes occurred in 1974, not 1973. Apparently, Mr. Cross was not affected by this tragedy, as were many of the residents of Lawrence County. People lost their lives and families lost loved ones, as well as everything they owned.

For Mr. Cross to compare this devastating tragedy with a political problem facing the county was absolutely absurd. It is a slap in the face to many residents in this county, who he was elected to serve.

Perhaps Mr. Cross did not mean for his remarks to sound the way they did. However, all elected public officials need to think before they speak.

James E. Latham

Quality schools hard to find in affordable Tucson neighborhoods

To The Daily: Regarding the “Today” show’s feature on real estate prices in Tucson and Decatur: Since our family just relocated from Tucson to Decatur in August, I felt compelled to share our experience. By calling Decatur schools “bad,” I am led to assume that Tucson schools are better. Generally speaking this is hardly the case. How many schools in Decatur are surrounded by prison-like iron fences and have metal detectors? Of course there are exceptions if you have really deep pockets, but that rule applies just about anywhere.

For the average family, looking for quality schools and affordable housing in Tucson has become a huge problem with far-reaching consequences. Their real estate market is now bulging with unsold homes and tanking property values.

And of course their schools will suffer even further from these market conditions.

The main point is that we returned to Alabama from Tucson in part because the houses we could afford there in a quality school district were small, overpriced, or otherwise inadequate for a family with small children.

Britt Buice

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