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Smoking question should have been put to voters

To The Daily: I am currently stationed in Kuwait and have been all across the theater in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, defending our freedoms and our democracy.

Unfortunately the people of Decatur have not been able to use this system and freedom due to the dictatorship that is taking place. The ban on smoking was just that. Why was this not put to a vote by the people, which is the way the system is supposed to work? Or is this a question that will be derailed?

I realize as well as anyone that smoking is bad, however it is my decision and I should not be told I canít. The mayor is wrong and so are his cohorts. They should realize that they donít own the city. They simply work for the city and can be replaced.

It is good the mayor quit smoking. But do not push this on me. What will happen if he starts smoking again? Will the ban be lifted to please his majesty?

Business owners and residents of Decatur should stand up and use their freedoms and rights.

James Lenz

Witness cage fighting before passing judgment

To The Daily: On the cage fighting issue: Itís not for everyone. There are one heck of a lot more injuries in football than in all the fighting sports combined, but no one mentions stopping football from being played.

Before anyone makes a decision, they should come see a mixed martial arts fight, then make up their minds. These fights are closely refereed, and stoppages come quick sometimes. I have not heard of any deaths in the sport, at least for decades. I canít say the same for football.

Lastly, Robert Clairday is a black belt in karate, and a teacher. I happen to know him personally, and know he cares deeply for his students, his fighters, his town and his country.

Mr. Clairday just loves to see people doing their best, being their best. So, come see the next fights, then write in on what you saw.

Armando de Quesada

Buy tobacco products outside city of Decatur

To The Daily: If everyone who smokes in Decatur would go to Priceville, Trinity, Hartselle and surrounding areas to purchase their cigarettes, therefore depriving the city of Decatur their taxes, how long do you think the smoking ban would last?

I canít wait to vote again.

Jeffrey Simpson

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