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Decatur officials hold grudge against businesses

To The Daily: I am writing about the way Mayor Don Kyle talked to David Childers, owner of Med-Call Ambulance here in Decatur. When I witnessed this shown on television, it upset me.

Here is a business person trying to do business with the city of Decatur. Mr. Childers is trying his best to help sick people get to the hospital quicker and safer.

What Mayor Kyle and our City Council canít seem to understand is when a person is in bad shape or in pain or dying, just one second can make the difference if that person lives or dies. But Mayor Kyle and our City Council donít care and seem to have a grudge against Mr. Childers and anyone who wants to do business here in Decatur.

Also, the one and only time Mayor Kyle ever used his veto power was when he vetoed our city employees a raise, then refused to use his veto power on the dog pound at Wilson Morgan Park.

There is only one solution and thatís for the people of Decatur to stand up and say we want our city back and vote all of these people out of office in our next city election.

David W. Kelley

Nonsmokers have rights; smokers abuse children

To The Daily: Iíve read a lot of opinions on the cigarette smoking ban about how smokerís rights are being infringed. I guess smokers donít think that nonsmokers have rights. I have lived in other cities that have implemented smoking bans and they have proven to be an advantage.

Those who operate restaurants and bars and think that allowing people to smoke is what drives your business should fear not. There will be many nonsmokers who will replace those smoking customers in short order. Now I can go a lot of places where I couldnít go before and Iím sure there are many like me who are thrilled not to be forced to inhale secondhand smoke.

I was in Cracker Barrel on Sunday morning and it was more crowded than usual. Many people commented about how happy they were not to have to worry about cigarette smoke, and you can sit anywhere in the restaurant. You donít have to wait for a table in nonsmoking when there are 5 or 6 vacant in smoking.

Now I can go to a nightclub occasionally, if I want to, and not have to think about how miserable I will be from the smoke. Until now, I would never have considered going. Even people who smoke have told me that they prefer to go places where there is not a lot of smoke.

I donít know Mayor Don Kyle personally, but kudos to him for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the smokers, who think they should be able to engage in their nasty, smelly addiction even around children (which is child abuse, believe me).

Sarah Gupton

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