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Carmike Cinema 8 upgrade badly needed

To The Daily: Thank you so much for your article about Decatur’s Carmike Cinema. This theater is an eyesore and embarrassment to the city of Decatur. The last time my husband and I went there (last spring), part of the counter in the women’s bathroom was broken and on the verge of falling down. And, of course, the bathroom smells of urine, the floors in the theaters are creepily sticky, the seats are broken, as you pointed out.

I cannot tell you how many times we have tried to watch a movie there when the film broke, the sound, lighting or the framing of the picture was off kilter, and/or it was nearly impossible to follow the action in the movie we were trying to watch because of the explosions coming from the film next door, among other deterrents to a pleasant movie experience.

What difference does it make if they are replacing the seats when the floors are still grimy?

I have complained via the Carmike Web site about the awful conditions, without receiving any response. We have not been to this Carmike since we saw “Breach” there, and will not go back unless serious repairs and renovations are made. Maybe others will be encouraged by your article to complain to the Carmike folks and they will finally do something to preserve their presence in Decatur.

Until then, we’ll be seeing our movies in Huntsville and elsewhere.

Nancy C. Dallas

Reporter failed to interview those exiled from eateries

To The Daily: The recent article on the smoking ban in Decatur, which spoke of most customers in the restaurants, when asked, supported Decatur’s new smoking ordinance, left out that many people are no longer going out to eat in Decatur.

I am a smoker who has never had a problem with sitting in the nonsmoking section of a restaurant. My problem with the smoking ban is purely principle. Try reading the book “1984” and you’ll understand why.

The Decatur City Council (minus Councilmen Gary Hammon and Ray Metzger) voted in this law that takes away the rights of others and takes tax money out of Decatur. Many will no longer buy cigarettes in Decatur because of this smoking ban. Why should Decatur get the taxes on the cigarettes if they no longer allow them to be smoked here?

I’ll go to Hartselle when I wish to dine out and buy my cigarettes.

You can bet that I’ll most likely vote for anyone who runs for mayor against Don Kyle in the next election. Councilmen Hammon and Metzger, who voted “no” on stripping citizens’ rights away, will have my full support when it comes to elections.

Angelia Sims

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