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Decatur approach to special education promotes understanding

To The Daily: I grew up in an era when special needs students were kept in an area away from the main student body. As a result, most of us were afraid of ďthose peopleĒ whom we didnít understand. I volunteered and worked with those special needs students. The faculty had no interest in developing the abilities of those students. Boy, have we come a long way.

On Oct. 19, I witnessed my own special needs child participating in Decatur High Schoolís pep rally with the cheerleaders and students assisting. If you donít know about what is going on at Decatur High School and Decatur High Developmental Program, youíre missing a blessing to see students and athletes from the high school work with the Developmental Program students. Theyíre not afraid even of those who have medical issues. As a parent, it is a joy to see the high school students in the Developmental Program every day.

Thank you, Decatur High School students for the reception given the DHDP cheerleaders. Your cheers and applause rocked the gym when they made their entrance. Thanks also to the faculty and staff at DHDP for going the extra mile to give our children every experience and opportunity possible.

Special education in Decatur City Schools is well beyond what I would have ever thought possible many years ago.

Karen Sears

City smoking ban will influence next election

To The Daily: In regard to the recent ban on smoking in Decatur.

I did not realize we lived under a dictatorship from our mayor and City Council.

Why is it a smoker cannot smoke, but an alcoholic can go to a club, bar or most stores, buy alcohol and drink and drive? As far as I know, Iíve never heard of a cigarette-related traffic death, but there are many alcohol-related deaths.

Where are our rights as Americans going? Right down the toilet.

Iím sure Iím not the only citizen who will re-think the way I vote in the next election.

Rita Smead

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