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Officials’ personal agendas trump residents’ rights

To The Daily: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are words first penned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence in 1776. But do these three simple things exist in the modern world? Mr. Jefferson also believed in equality, which today is still a dream.

We elect people to be our local, state and national representatives so that we might have a voice. What happens when that voice becomes corrupt, lazy, biased or incompetent? Unfortunately Alabama, like many states, has no recall election law. Whether it’s Decatur, Hartselle or even Morgan County, you’re going to have candidates with personal agendas.

These agendas are not an issue until they get sworn in, for obvious reasons. Many are in debt to their campaign contributors, and are then servants to a few instead of all. Party affiliation, Republican or Democrat, is not an issue, for it seems to easily cross party lines. “Quid pro quo” is always hiding in the shadows, as well. Whether it’s your money or your rights, they act as thieves in the night.

Whatever the case, it must come in threes. Decatur has three, Hartselle has three, and Morgan County has three who like to form a dictatorship over the people they govern. They have no qualms about spending money or enacting laws surrounding smoking, forming commissions to regulate businesses or even hiding information that is of public record.

The next election, I will take a much longer look at whom I will vote for, and I would encourage everyone to do likewise. What everyday privilege or rights are you willing to put in the hands of people who are motivated by greed, loyalty to financial supporters, or some church affiliation? Where is your line in the sand?

Next election, let’s fire them all.

Mike Dowdy

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