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Smokers should buy tobacco in city

To The Daily: Several years ago when my husband was a patient at UAB (not for smoking-related problems), one of his surgeons, having a frustrating day of operating on lung cancer patients, made the remark that, if people would “just stop smoking, I wouldn’t have a job.”

I have read with interest the information about the battle going on over the smoking ordinance and applaud the city for taking the stand it has.

To give you a little more information, I was raised in a home with parents who both smoked heavily. I do not smoke, but I have suffered health problems as a result of being exposed to this secondhand smoke. Both of my parents died from smoking-related diseases.

I am curious to know how many of the people who are yelling about not being able to smoke in public places and are threatening to take their purchase of tobacco products outside of the city so the city does not collect taxes, have health insurance.

Well folks, let me tell you this. I pay taxes — federal, state, local — and when you visit the hospital or doctor and are not insured, my taxes are paying for your visit. I suggest you continue to purchase your tobacco products in Decatur and pay the small tax on these items because you are definitely headed for the variety of health problems that accompany this habit. When you go to a publicly owned hospital and they treat you, it isn’t free — except to you.

Kay Woodham

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