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TB another consequence of illegal immigration

To The Daily: In 1920s America, tuberculosis was the eighth leading cause of death for children ages one to four. As standards of living and medical care quality rose, the incidence fell. By the 1960s, tuberculosis wasnít even in the top 10 causes of death of children in any age group.

The recent article about the tuberculosis outbreak at Wayne Farms brings to light yet another negative factor of uncontrolled immigration, much of it illegal. (It would be interesting to know the immigration status of the infected individuals at Wayne Farms.)

Of course, immigration is not the only cause of tuberculosis, but the resurgence is directly linked to immigrants from other countries with high incidence rates. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in rank order, five of the 14 leading countries from which immigrants with tuberculosis come from are: Mexico, the Philippines, Vietnam, India and China.

Seventy-six percent of all tuberculosis cases brought into the United States are found in nationals from 14 countries, five of which are mentioned above. According to the CDC, foreign-born people are 9.5 percent more likely to carry tuberculosis than U.S.-born people.

Tuberculosis can be easily airborne and a person can have it for years, infecting others, before ever being diagnosed. Medical examinations are mandatory for refugees and for applicants outside the United States who are applying for a U.S. visa. Foreign-born persons, also called aliens, who apply for permanent residency are also required to obtain a medical exam.

Donít breathe too deeply and prepare your pocket books, fellow members of the middle class. Once again, we will be funding health care for people who do not even have permission to be here and for those infected by them.

Carmen Callahan

Sign at park dangerous, violates city ordinance

To The Daily: Have you seen the new electronic sign at Wilson Morgan Park?

I believe Decaturís sign ordinance states that electronic signs are not to be animated and that they cannot change more than every 5 seconds.

However, the new Wilson Morgan sign is fully animated with brightly colored flashing lights.

This new sign is an eyesore and a major distraction that will eventually cause more wrecks.

It is bad enough the city continues to pass ordinances that it does not enforce, but it is a total disgrace when the city does not even follow its own laws.

Greg McKelvey

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