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Smoking ban protesters make idiots of themselves

To The Daily: In listening to the news and reading The Daily, it is hard for me to conceive how anyone can say Decatur is run by idiots. I do not always agree with the way our city is run and I do believe our monies can be better spent. But, in this case, I feel the city has our best interests at heart.

For all of you protesters: How many of your children or family members do you want to suffer from your secondhand smoke? Stop and think what you are really doing: making idiots of yourselves.

When you smoke you not only have a cough and bad breath, but you also stink and your skin looks bad. Can you honestly say that you can hold a newborn baby and not have some effect on that child?

It is your freedom and your right to smoke, but do it where you are not harming someone else. Our city will not go broke if you go elsewhere to buy your cigarettes. By keeping you smokers out of restaurants and businesses it will sure be a lot healthier.

I have been in restaurants where the waitress has smelled like smoke and it stinks. God gave us a mind to think with, so think. Think about others rather than being selfish or wanting more money for your business to help make others sick.

Sherlene Stricklin

Opposition to smoking ban wrongheaded

To The Daily: What is wrong with you people? Do you not have concerns for the health of your children? I walked into a local restaurant and had to leave because I could not breathe for the smoke. All of the states are going totally no smoking and you know the effects of smoking on everyone.

My dad smoked for years and, when my niece was born, he smoked outside because the doctors told him that smoking is hazardous to your health.

You want to smoke? Go outside and let us eat in a safe environment and not have to worry about secondhand smoking. Voters will remember the ones on the council and the mayor and will vote for them for standing up for the protection of the nonsmokers and the children who have no voice.

J.J. Watson

Previously unbiased paper will soon begin to lean left

To The Daily: Regarding the sale of The Moulton Advertiser to the Sheltons of The Decatur Daily. This is just what Lawrence County needs: their only newspaper turned into a leftist rag like The Daily.

Iím surprised to see a venerable, non-biased paper like the Advertiser turned into yet another liberal propaganda machine.

Tim Guyse

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