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Many good reasons to care about whether one smokes

To The Daily: The politically correct thing to say is that I don’t care if you smoke or not, and that our Constitution guarantees certain rights, but as a Christian, I do care that you smoke.

As a former smoker, I remember the first time I put a cigarette in my mouth, and it was anything but pleasurable. My head spun, I was sick to my stomach and threw up. Tobacco is foreign to the body and it naturally rejects it. There are many reasons why we first decide to smoke and it is a deliberate and conscious choice.

So do I care? Yes. I care that doctors and nurses will spend many hours and years of training in caring for those who will suffer the consequences that tobacco brings — consequences that are entirely preventable.

I care that during the remaining years of your life, you will have to drag around an oxygen bottle to assist with your breathing. I care that, in the last years of your life, when you should be enjoying those years of retirement you have worked so hard for, you will be fighting lung, stomach or throat cancer, or another of the many wonderful diseases brought on by cigarettes.

I care that you are spending millions of dollars making some tobacco executive rich instead of those dollars going to the community in which you live, to make it a better place. I care when I see a parent driving around with the windows rolled up and their children in the back seat, having to breathe the same smoky air, and becoming addicted at an early age because they had to breathe secondhand smoke.

Tobacco has made you a physical and mental addict to its product. Do I care? Yes, I care.

James MacIlveen

Stay on top of Wayne Farms health situation

To The Daily: I would like to commend you on your editorial (Oct. 26) “Wayne Farms should screen workers for TB.”

I hope more people will read this editorial and feel the same concern I have. I do not have children in school, but you hit the nail on the head, about the concern in our schools.

Makes a person wonder if they should eat chicken, even though the health department says it is OK. They are the same people who would not divulge information about the affected person at first. I see where they finally mentioned it and you printed the persons concerned are Hispanic.

Keep up the good work informing us of what is going on with this situation or problem. Hats off to Rep. Micky Hammon and Sen. Arthur Orr, for meeting with Wayne Farms officials.

James Shouse

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