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Fishing tournaments result in many dead fish

To The Daily: The Daily seems to run a lot of articles about fishing tournaments. I am a fisherman and I love fishing, but you need to do a story about the day after a fishing tournament. Go to the dock the next day where fish are released after the weigh-in and you will see many large dead fish. Most people donít know that many of the released fish donít live.

It is sad to see so many fish wind up rotting or becoming turtle food.

Billy Bates

Downtown Merchants invite shoppers today

To The Daily: On behalf of the Downtown Merchants Association, the Halloween Hoot organization team thanks all participants this year. Everyone seemed to be pleased with the activities for the entire family. Many were dressed for the occasion. We welcome any comments or suggested improvements for next year by e-mail to

Thanks to generous donations from more than 40 sponsors, more than 60 prizes were awarded. We were also thankful for the wealth of talented musicians, singers and actors who provided continuous entertainment for seven hours from two stages. The Battle of the Bands certainly added plenty of excitement.

We were also blessed with excellent weather and many exhibitor booths with games, services and arts and crafts.

Downtown events are vital to the revitalization of businesses that offer unique gifts and service not found in malls and superstores. We hope everyone will join us again Nov. 8, from 5 to 9 p.m., for the Downtown Merchants Open House.

Many of the Downtown Merchants will also be open during the annual Historic Decatur Christmas Tour on Dec. 8 from 3 to 8 p.m.

Randy Tardy

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