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No way to justify tolerating illegals

To The Daily: In a law-and-order country such as America, there is absolutely no justification for people without entry papers. This argument is moot.

Either increase the wages to attract Americans, stop disassembling chickens, or go to jail and pay a fine for aiding and abetting illegals. It’s the law.

Michael K. Williams
Lake Worth, Fla.

Water issue has reader boiling

To The Daily: Is it just me or is anyone else out there getting angry over this water issue? This is our wake-up call and no one is responding. The governors of Alabama, Georgia and Florida should be calling in their legislators and working 16-hour days to come up with a fair and equitable water plan.

Gov. Bob Riley says “I don’t think we will have consensus on it in time for this next session.”

Well then, call an emergency session. All you have to do is look at all the houses being built in and around Atlanta to know why they are running out of water. They are building two- and three-story mansions with three, four, five and sometimes six bathrooms. There are subdivisions going up all over the place.

If the federal government gets involved, they’ll organize a committee to check into it and then won’t be able to report on it until February. I can do a report in one sentence: We are running out of water. Period. End of report.

Then the environmentalists get involved, saying we have to save some little fishy and mollusk downstream. Let me see, do we save some little fishy or do we have drinking water? Would you rather have a nice green lawn or drinking water? Guess you know which I opt for.

There was a saying years ago, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” Papa filled the tub with water and bathed, then Mama, then the children and the baby was last. Unless you want to go back to all bathing in one tub, I suggest you contact your officials and tell them to knuckle down and work on a water plan — or we will all be back in that proverbial bathtub.

Sharon Beach

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