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We are already paying too high a price for cheap labor

To The Daily: The Nov. 4 article by Eric Fleischauer, ďSending them back causes problemsĒ was one-sided. He says he has received e-mails and phone calls suggesting the solution to the problem of the illegal, TB-positive workers at Wayne Farms is to send them all back to Mexico. He says the result of thats is we would have to pay more for chicken, Wayne Farms might close or move and we would lose the taxes. He failed to mention what it now costs us for Wayne Farms to supply us with cheap chicken.

Employers are required to withhold and send to the government taxes and Social Security. Since illegals are under the radar and do not have Social Security numbers, we canít be certain this is done. They do consume social services, however. They also receive free public schools and medical care. Twenty-five or so babies are born to illegals every month in Decatur. Hospitals donít even try to collect for these services any longer.

According to a congressman, illegals kill 25 American citizens every month in automobile accidents, commission of crimes, etc. That is a lot more than we are losing in the war, but none of our politicians seem to care. Who knows how many terrorists may be sneaking through our porous borders?

I think we are paying a huge price so a few can enjoy the benefits of cheap labor. We should close the borders and send the illegals back home.

William A. Chaffin

Outside agencies should investigate police incidents

To The Daily: While most law enforcement people are honorable and law abiding, they are also human. As humans, they sometimes make mistakes.

The fact that the police do their own internal investigations is incomprehensible to me;
as humans, they will tend to side with their own.

There should be independent reviews made when a death or unexplained beatings occur.

We are either a nation of laws or a police state. You canít be both at the same time.

Armando de Quesada

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