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Do Hartselle voters want change or more of same?

To The Daily: The Daily reporter came up a little short in his Nov. 4 “Hartselle’s mayor’s race shaping up” story. He left one individual out who will oppose Hartselle’s current mayor, Dwight Tankersley in Hartselle. That person is myself.

I will run simply to restore some civility to the mayor’s office. Over the past three years, our mayor has managed to convince our council to spend money faster than Imelda Marcos in a shoe store. He has led them into a pit of socialism never seen by people of Hartselle.

He isn’t willing to address what a single-family dwelling is. Apparently, illegal aliens aren’t a problem either. He isn’t capable of standing up and acknowledging the only practical way of financing a new high school.

The difference between me and some of the other people mentioned in the news story is simple. I do not owe anyone any favors. I am not affiliated with the good old boy network in Hartselle. There are no strings attached to me. More importantly, I am not a political chameleon.

People elected to office should be a servant to all the citizens, not to a select few friends. The accessibility to the mayor, council and the city services for the upper class should be the same for the lower class.

When time comes, people need to ask themselves some important questions with regard to all the candidates. Do you want more of the same of what we have now? Do you want to elect someone that you voted off the council as a mayor? Do you want to elect someone who, in essence, snookered the city into assuming the debt of a school building after the voters rejected the property tax increase referendum? Or, do you want change?

Mike Dowdy

Disappointed with movie theater options in Decatur

To The Daily: Go to www.monacopictures to see the latest movie place in Huntsville; and this is after the super nice Rave in south Huntsville.

It is time for Decatur to get out of the Dark Ages and silent-movie era. Even Athens has a new movie place that’s a million times better than ours.

I do not know what the problems are, but Decatur needs to get on the ball or keep losing moviegoers to Huntsville and Athens. I see people at the Rave in south Huntsville all the time.

Come on Decatur. Why not build a new movie place where Target is? That would be the best place. Whoever builds first will make the other one improve or go to $1 nights. See y’all in Huntsville at the movies.

John Kearney

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