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Rev. Truman Harris

The pathway home: a journey to the Eternal City

Life is a journey. From the time we are born into this world and God breathes into our nostrils the breath of life until he takes that breath away, we are on that journey.

We are aliens in a foreign land, and we are pilgrims in search of a city. This search takes us on many pathways.

We grope our way through the wilderness places. We go down trails, around curves and across mountains. The road at times is stony, crooked, muddy, slimy, dark and lonely. It is paved with good intentions, doubts and fear.

At other times, it is smooth as a calm sea, paved with faith and trust. The sun shines brightly, and our steps are fast and sure.

Not all pathways we choose give us the assurance of reaching our desired destination. We find ourselves on paths that are overgrown with brambles and brush. It seems that no one has gone this road before us to clear the way.

We chop frantically at the obstructions, snakes and wild animals that threaten our safe passage. We long for a fellow traveler to keep us company and suddenly find that we have strayed so far off the beaten path that our friends and family are lost to us.

At our lowest ebb and our most panic-stricken moment, a friendly hand reaches out and clasps our hand in his and gently guides us back into the safety of the much-traveled and well-lit highway. There we hear laughter, singing, praying and praise lifted toward heaven.

We see a great host of pilgrims moving as one to a known and anticipated destination. We can choose to move with them or stumble back into the overgrown path alone.

It is here in the journey that we make our choice. When that choice is made correctly, we have a mindset to stay on the right path and look out for other pilgrims who need rescuing.

We understand at last that God puts a “homing device” into every human created and put into this world. His “radar screen” never fails.

He knows at all times where his created beings are, and when they make their chosen connection to him, he guides them safely on this pathway to that Eternal City whose founder and maker is God.

The Rev. Truman Harris, pastor of Community South Church of God in Decatur, is one of several local ministers writing religion columns for The Daily. For more information, call Melanie Smith at 340-2468.

Rev. Truman Harris Rev. Truman Harris

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