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Rev. Rex Jarman Sr.

'Amen' to your giving spirit

It is typical that when preachers talk of giving time and talents, people are quick to say “Amen!” To the contrary, when God talks through a preacher about tithing, “Amens” are fast to fade, leaving the minister wondering if he or she needs a hearing aid.

God’s Scriptures in the Bible are there to help us. Malachi tells us to bring all of our tithes into the storehouse, “that there may be food in my house, and try me now in this, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing, that there will not be room enough to receive it.”

God is simply saying in this Scripture that we must trust the Lord. We must never forget the truth: Everything we have, including our money, belongs to God.

God gave to us first. Many of you may wonder what he gave. God gave us his very best, his only son, Jesus, and his love that was unmistakably demonstrated through Jesus by his death on the cross. God gives his angels charge over us. God gives us beauty, joy and praise. He gives us knowledge and wisdom. He give us his word. He gives us rest and peace when we need it most. He gives us leadership and commandments. He gives us the keys to heaven and authority to ask for what we need in Jesus’ name. He gives us family. And he gives us one of his greatest gifts: the Holy Spirit.

These are merely some of the ways God shows us his love. How do you show your love? What if God gave you back what you give to others? We must never forget that we reap what we sow. What if God gave us what we wanted? The reality is that we have what God can trust us with.

Our motive in giving will tell us much about ourselves. Why do you give? Do you give because you want to or for the fact that you love to give?

Spend some time with God every day through prayer and his word. Honestly examine God’s giving habit, and then you’ll truly realize what his giving tells you about him.

I also want you to consider what the devil, our enemy, gives us. To be honest, he never gives; he takes and divides and subtracts from anyone and everyone who will allow. God loves to give, as giving shows love.

The very nature of God is exposed by his giving habits. Give a little more in all your ways — from your time, talents and money — and show the love of God.

I have had a personal joy sharing with readers of The Decatur Daily. Each column I've written, people have responded with calls or letters expressing how much they enjoyed the words the Lord placed on my heart. All that I write, I owe to God.

The Rev. Rex Jarman Sr.
of Decatur, pastor of Grant's Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Carbon Hill, is one of several local ministers writing religion columns for The Daily. For more information, call Melanie Smith at 340-2468.

Rev. Rex Jarman Sr. Rev. Rex Jarman Sr.

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