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Shameka Pointer

God will pick up pieces of broken life and make you whole

Growing up in a foster home is an experience that made me who I am today. Not knowing the real meaning of having a mother and a father still affects me to this day, but I manage to look at the positive side. I am very grateful for my aunts and uncles who took in my siblings and me.

There were 10 of us in all, eight girls and two boys. We could have been separated around the world, but I believe God had it all worked out. During the experience I felt let down, but now that I am older and more mature, I realize it was God’s will for my life. My father was an alcoholic, and he was delivered and set free.

My mother, who died in May, dealt with hurt and pain all of her life until the good Lord called her out of her misery. She is now in a better place, and my family has peace.

Sometimes we wonder what God has in store for us, but I believe that’s what all Christians want to know. God has his own timing and purposes for this life that he has given us.

When surrendering to the Lord saying, “Not my will but your will be done,” Christians should learn to give the burdens we carry to God. Having our minds set on the things we want — for example, being carnal-minded — can stop the blessings he has for us. We must be spiritual-minded to see life as God sees it.

The life that has been given to me has been really scary. There were times when I felt God was letting me down, but those moments were really when he was lifting me up. The word says, “All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord, who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). When I remember that verse, tests and trials are easier to handle.

God has really been good to me after bringing me through a broken home, a broken neck from a car wreck and a broken marriage. Through all of the broken fragments of my life, God has made me whole. The message given to me through the troubled times is “What God has for you, it is for you.”

God’s grace is for you, and no devil in hell can stop it. The race is not given to the strong but to the one who endures to the end.

Part of a poem I wrote sums up my feelings: “My life is in the hands of the Lord/No matter what I decide to do/I made my mind up to give it to him/And his promise is to always see me through.”

Shameka Pointer, a writing minister at Calvary Assembly of God Church, is one of several local volunteers writing religion columns for The Daily. For more information, call Melanie Smith at 340-2468.

Shameka Pointer Shameka Pointer

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