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East Limestone High’s Cameron Nye

East Limestone High senior linebacker/receiver Cameron Nye was influenced to play football by late Indians’ coach Phil Cavnar and has developed into one of the team’s strongest players.

The Indians’ leading tackler took time after a morning practice during fall break this week for 10 questions with THE DAILY’s Brooke Milam:

  • Question: If you could choose one game to replay this year, which would it be?
  • Answer: North Jackson last week (East Limestone lost 21-14). On the goal line, I didn’t cover their guy, and he scored their last touchdown. That’s been a nightmare for a week.
  • Q: What’s the most exciting touchdown you remember scoring?
  • A: Last year in the first round of the playoffs against Lawrence County I intercepted a pass and scored a touchdown. We were already ahead (East Limestone won 49-7), but it was still exciting.
  • Q: What would you say is East Limestone football’s motto?
  • A: “Pride: Get it or get out.” That’s from Coach Cav (Phil Cavnar). That was his motto. There’s a sign that says it right inside the locker room.
  • Q: What’s something you remember being told when you were younger that has stuck with you?
  • A: That I was too small and I should be playing in the band. But Coach Cav gave me a chance and believed in me.
  • Q: How have you changed as a football player over the years?
  • A: I grew 4 inches between my junior and senior years. I’m 6 feet tall now, and I weigh 157 pounds, but I just weighed 120 pounds last season. I started eating a lot of good food. Taco Bell is what did it to me.
  • Q: How do you think your teammates would sum you up as a player?
  • A: I’m pretty mean sometimes on the football field. They call me “Killa Cam.”
  • Q: Who is the teammate you respect the most?
  • A: That would be (senior defensive end) Roger Haslip. He never complains, he just does his job.
  • Q: What’s your favorite way to your spend time when your not on the football field?
  • A: Watching football. College and pro — I like it all. I basically watch football all weekend when I’m sore from the ball game Friday night.
  • Q: East Limestone has the Florida State uniform look going, but what college uniforms do you like best?
  • A: I’d have to say Oregon’s black-on-black. But North Jackson is black-on-black so ...
  • Q: How much of football is fun, and how much of it is hard work?
  • A: The hard work is the the fun. It’s being with your teammates and doing what you can to win. The winning is fun.


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