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Hartselle's Jessica Andrews

Hartselle High senior guard Jessica Andrews is known for her sharp shot and being one of the leaders on a talented, experienced and determined Lady Tigers basketball team.

Her outside shooting has been one of Hartselle's answers to opposing defenses, and Andrews took time after practice this week for 10 questions with The Daily's Brooke Milam:

Question: During the years Hartselle has had its time of glory in just about every sport. How supportive are Hartselle athletes of each other?

Answer: Very supportive, especially this year, starting off with football. (The girls basketball team) had to miss the last football game to play in a tournament in Tennessee, but we really didn't want to.

The football players show just as much support for us.

They talk about our games with us at school and everything.

Q: Besides basketball, what would you say is another one of your passions?

A: Outdoors. My brother (Zach, 21, pitcher for the University of Montevallo) got me into hiking and stuff. He's big on it, and he kind of dragged me into it this past summer.

Q: Which is more you, a concert or a movie?

A: Definitely a concert. I'm into punk and rock music.

The last concert I went to was either Sister Hazel or Crossfade.

Q: What's one talent that you admire in other people, but don't think you particularly have?

A: I admire the fact that some people can see the good in just about everything. I do try though.

Q: You've been an important part of Hartselle advancing to the Northwest Regionals at Wallace State the past two seasons. Are the Lady Tigers a Final Four team this year?

A: Definitely. I definitely believe we will be in Birmingham this season. We know what it takes to get there and none of us wants to be put out in that first game at Wallace again.

Q: One thing you're known for is your shot. What does it take to be a good shooter?

A: For me, don't rush your shot. I have a bad tendency with that when I get nervous, but this year I think I've done better at picking the right times to shoot. If you just take your time, you'll get the shot off.

(Coach Greg Adams added that she also "spends more time in the gym shooting than anyone I've ever had combined.").

Q: What's the most 3-pointers you've ever made in a game?

A: In a varsity game, six. It was at East Lawrence last year. I think if I hit a couple I become a threat, but not until I start making them.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do in cold weather?

A: Bonfires. We just had our senior bonfire Saturday night and that was kind of a big deal. It was at (Hartselle senior softball player) Catie Keel's out in the middle of a field on a bunch of land.

Q: Ever feel sorry for Coach Adams having to be around you girls all the time?

A: Yes, we give him a very hard time. We're a very talkative group and we're not shy to tell him anything.

Q: If you could be somewhere warmer right now, where would you be?

A: Somewhere warm in Australia. I've always wanted to go there to see the Outback and the kangaroos and stuff. One of my friends, Brittney Carnell, is going to college in Australia.

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