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Decatur High's Drei Marthaler
Daily photo by Jonathan Palmer
Decatur High's Drei Marthaler

One on one with ...
Decatur High's Drei Marthaler

In addition to starting for Decatur High’s boys basketball team, senior Drei Marthaler stays busy off the basketball court with a tough academic load. Marthaler rang in the first week of the new year by sitting down for 10 questions with The Daily’s Brooke Milam:

Question: What’s one athletic goal you have for 2007?

Answer: A state championship. We’ve talked about it for a long time. All of us on the team have thought we had a chance since our freshman year. Hopefully we’ll come through.

Q: With a 3.6 grade point average, what’s one academic goal you have for this year?

A: I want to get all A’s. AP Economics with Mr. Winton will be my toughest this semester.

Q: What’s your best subject?

A: Math. I have algebra III/trig this year. I’ve always been good in math until last year — pre-calculus. It got a little harder then. But this year algebra III is easier for me because we did most of this year’s stuff in last year’s class.

Q: What job do you think you’d best be cut out for?

A: I want to do something like an engineer. My uncle (Kirk James) is an engineer. He lives here in Decatur.

Q: You’re 6-foot-4. Who’s one person taller than you who’s not on Decatur High’s basketball team?

A: Steven Tumbleson (senior pitcher on the Red Raiders baseball team). He’s like 6-5, 250 pounds. I’ve known him since middle school when he moved here, and we’ve always been about the same height, but now he’s got me by a little bit.

Q: What’s the last basketball game you watched in person that you weren’t playing in?

A: I went to the Alabama/LSU game last year and then the whole team went to the Florida/Alabama game at Alabama. We did that instead of having a banquet at the end of the season ... And it was better than a banquet.

Q: Who is one team you’ve heard a lot about, but haven’t played against or seen play?

A: Pleasant Grove. They’re supposed to be pretty good, and they’ve got a 6-8 guy. They made the Final Four last year, and I don’t think they lost anybody.

Q: If your team is down two points with five seconds to play — who’s going to take the money shot for Decatur?

A: Everybody knows who’d take the shot — Rico (Pickett, senior guard and Alabama signee). We’ve had three or four close games this year — a couple that we’ve lost. But both Sparkman games we played really good at the end and came out on top.

Q: What’s something you’re involved in at school other than basketball?

A: Baseball. I’ll throw every now and then because I’m a pitcher, but it really won’t start up until after basketball is over. As soon as basketball is over in the summer, I got to baseball. And then I go home and go to sleep.

Q: You’ve got 10 minutes to eat — where do you drive through?

A: Taco Bell. It’s cheap, and it’s the best place.

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