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Tanner's Clay McMeans
Daily photo by Jonathan Palmer
Tanner's Clay McMeans

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Tanner's Clay McMeans

A three-year varsity player for Tanner High, senior Clay McMeans has played for three Rattlers teams that have piled up a lot more wins than losses. As Tanner wraps up the regular season and prepares to host the Class 2A, Area 15 tournament next week, the two-year starter took time out for 10 questions with The Dailyís Brooke Milam:

Question: Youíre 6-foot-6, the tallest guy on the team. Who do you get your height from?

Answer: Both sides of the family. My mom (Sharon) is 6- foot-0, and my dad (Butch) is 6-foot-1, and both their fathers are real tall.

Q: Whatís something youíve learned in school this week?

A: Well, I know it has to do with graphs and stuff. Weíre supposed to have a test (Thursday) — hopefully the snow will come. Iíve only got two classes — pre-calculus and chemistry. Iím also a teacherís aide for Coach (Austin) Marsh, and then I have P.E.

Q: As a senior, whatís something you know now that you wished youíd known as a freshman?

A: This year Iíve learned a lot of post moves and stuff I wished Iíd known earlier.

Q: Who pushes you the most in practice?

A: Latraius (Mosley). You know heís always there and heís one of the best rebounders. You try and out-do him, but itís pretty hard.

Q: Whatís the most nervous you remember being before a game?

A: Probably last year when we played Pickens County at Wallace State (in the Northwest Regionals). It was the first time Iíd started in a game at Wallace State and it was a big game. (Pickens County edged the Rattlers 71-70 with a last-second basket.)

Q: Now for a different kind of ball — who do you have winning the Super Bowl on Sunday?

A: I think the Bears are going to win it. It depends. If Rex Grossman does good, then I think their defense will be all right. I think itíll be a good game, though.

Q: Have you ever seen a professional athlete do something that you disagreed with?

A: Well, like when (Denver Nuggets forward) Carmelo Anthony and all of them had that fight in New York. That surprised me. I didnít think heíd be one to hit and run.

Q: Whoís a pro athlete that you admire?

A: I like (Phoenix Suns forward) Shawn Marion a lot. You never hear him complaining that heís not the main star. He knows his job and he does it.

Q: Who of your teammates have you played with the longest?

A: I played with Rod (Byrd) and Demarcus (King) when I was 9 and 10 in the Saturday morning games. Probably itíd be those two.

Q: If you played your last game ever today, what would you take from the game?

A: Just all the success weíve had. Itís been real good to be a part of all that. I moved here my fifth-grade year from Falkville, so Iíve known all these guys a long time.

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