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Hazlewood High's Demetrius Garner
Daily photo by Michael Wetzel
Hazlewood High's Demetrius Garner

One on one with ...
Hazlewood High's
Demetrius Garner

Hazlewood senior Demetrius Garner is a 5-foot-11 guard on the Golden Bearsí basketball team. The honors student recently sat down to answer 10 questions from Daily Assistant Sports Editor Michael Wetzel:

Question: What makes basketball fun for you?

Answer: My teammates. They like to joke around in practice and they know when to get serious for games. I always look forward to practice.

Q: Tell us something about head coach Shane Childress that most folks donít know?

A: He can be mean.

Coach C is usually pretty cool, but heís been my only coach and heís got a mean side when he needs to get his message through.

Q: Is there extra pressure on you playing for a small school with a rich tradition in sports?

A: No. Itís actually fun.

You get a lot more chances to play because we donít have a lot of players going out for the team. Iíve been a starter four years and remember going 9-17 when I was a ninth-grader. That wasnít much fun.

Itís nice to see the championship banners in the gym.

Q: Is there a mentor you look up to?

A: My parents. Theyíve always told me I can be whatever I want to be if I work hard enough.

Q: What is your favorite sport to watch on television?

A: I play basketball and track, but track doesnít get much time on TV. Iíll watch basketball when Iím not at practice or studying.

Q: Do you have a favorite play in basketball?

A: I like to score, but I guess my favorite would be driving to the basket against man-to-man defense late with the game on the line.

Q: Who is the best player you have ever been on the court at the same time with?

A: In the semifinals last year in Birmingham, St. Jude had this guy Jamychal Green. He was like 6-foot-7 or something. He is probably the best. That guy is good.

Q: What is your favorite sports movie or book?

A: Glory Road. I liked seeing how an all-black basketball team was able to win the national title, the championship, back in the 1960s.

Q: What is your favorite food you like to cook?

A: I like to cook sausage and biscuits for breakfast. Not the microwave type. Iíve been making them since I was probably in the eighth grade.

Q: If you were independently wealthy, financially set for life, how would you spend your time?

A: Iíd love to travel all the time. Go to a quiet, getaway place.

Iíd travel the world. Iíve always wanted to see Italy.

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