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Athens High's Courtney Medlen

Athens High senior Courtney Medlen is an all-around athlete who is playing golf for the Lady Golden Eagles for the first time this year. Medlen has played about every sport that Athens has to offer, but there is a lot more to her than just athletics.

This week she took a break for 10 questions with The Dailyís Brooke Milam:

Question: Who knows you better than anyone else?

Answer: Probably my mom (Ginger), my dad (Michael), or my best friend, Lauren Bush. Lauren plays basketball at Huntsville High, and I know her through AAU basketball. Her dad, Doug, got me to play last year because heís in charge of the organization in the area and we just became best friends like that.

Q: You have competed in three varsity sports — basketball, tennis and golf.

What is something you havenít tried?

A: Iíve never tried volleyball. I used to play softball and soccer back in middle school, but Iíve never touched a volleyball. During volleyball season Iím usually in the weight room and running, getting ready for basketball. Another thing Iíve never done is track because Iím the slowest person ever.

Q: What is the difference in a total team sport like basketball and a more individual sport like golf?

A: Golf is a team sport, too, because you collaborate your scores at the end, but itís also definitely an individual thing. In basketball, your opponent is another person, but in golf your opponent is the course.

Itís the most mental game there is, and itís easy to lose your composure out there.

Q: Who influenced you to try golf this year?

A: Coach Janet Latham asked me to play and I said ďSure, why not.Ē

My granddad (Basil Wheeler) really encourages me, too. Heís really pleased with me playing. I live out on Canebrake Golf Course, but I hadnít picked up a club in years.

I shot a 41 on Monday at Canebrake, and that was with two double bogeys or I wouldíve shot in the 30s. So, Iím actually doing a lot better than I thought I would.

Q: Golf is a pretty serious sport. Are you normally a serious person?

A: Well, Iím really competitive, but no. I want to win, but Iím not totally serious all the time. Itís just something to do for fun. I definitely want to win, though.

Q: Where do you get your athletic ability?

A: Definitely not from my mom. I guess from my dad. He played baseball at Calhoun and was pretty good at sports. My brother (Colby), too. He goes to Alabama and heíll turn 20 in June. Growing up, Iíd always be out there playing with the boys.

Q: What non-athletic school activities are you involved in?

A: Iím Student Council Association president, and Iím in the National Honor Society. I really try to manage my time and take care of all my club stuff right after school and then practice later in the afternoon.

With golf, itís a little more difficult than during basketball because if we have a golf match Iím gone from 1:30 in the afternoon until about 6.

Q: What is something you like to do, but youíre not really good at?

A: I really like to dance, but Iím not really good at it.

Q: What are your plans for next year?

A: Iím going to Alabama. I was going to go to Birmingham-Southern College and play basketball there, but I just love Alabama too much.

I want to do the whole sorority thing and everything like that.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about college?

A: Iím really excited just about being on my own. I just got back from visiting Alabama this past weekend and itís just so much fun.

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