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Hatton High's Chris Hutto
Daily photo by Michael Wetzel
Hatton High's Chris Hutto

One on one with ...
Hatton High's Chris Hutto

Hatton High senior Chris Hutto handles most of the catching duties for the Hornets baseball team this season. Hutto stepped out from behind the plate to answer 10 questions from The Dailyís Assistant Sports Editor Michael Wetzel recently.

Question: Is the term ďthe tools of ignoranceĒ proper for the catcherís equipment?

Answer: Iím not familiar with that phrase. But I wouldnít get behind the plate without a mask. It has saved me.

Q: Is there a major league catcher that you have enjoyed following since you play the same position?

A: I liked to watch Javy Lopez when he played with the Atlanta Braves. He handled the pitchers good. I liked the way we worked behind the plate.

Q: What teacher at Hatton High probably has the easiest job?

A: Probably Coach G (baseball coach Brent Gillespie). He coaches baseball, teaches government and economics. Iknow those things. He gives us plenty of work to do and gets after us to make sure it gets done.

Q: What is your favorite junk food?

A: Pork skin potato chips and a Sun Drop. I could eat and drink that every day.

Q: What is the hardest thing about baseball?

A: Hitting the baseball. As a hitter, you donít know where it is coming or how fast it is. You donít have much time to react.

Q: What position in baseball do you think is the easiest to play?

A: Probably second base. Not that many ground balls are hit that way and the throw to first base isnít far.

Q: Where would you choose if you won a choice of trips to the Great Wall in China; Venice, Italy; Paris, France; or Easter Island?

A: Paris. Iíve seen pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Iíd like to see it up close and see those museums, too. Iíd like to see the Grand Canyon one day, too.

Q: What is one of the many things you like about living in America?

A: We are pretty much free to do whatever we want. I can get in my car on Saturday night and go wherever I want. Some people in some countries arenít allowed to do that.

Q: What do the umpire and you talk about during the game?

A: It is usually about what the last hitter did. Sometimes when I think he missed a call, Imight ask him where the pitch missed the plate. Sometimes the ump and I will talk about the girls in the stands. It is usually the younger umps asking about the girls. But mostly, the umps do a good job behind the plate. Itís not an easy job.

Q: With all the catcherís equipment on, do you prefer to play in the heat or cold?

A: Definitely in the heat. I donít mind sweating. When I get nicked by a foul ball or blocking a wild pitch, it hurts a little more when it is cold.

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