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Speake High's Revia Brown

Revia Brown is a familiar name among Speake High athletics. The senior three-sport standout, who plays softball, basketball and volleyball, recently took a post-game break from softball for 10 questions with The Dailyís Brooke Milam:

Question: You have gotten a lot of attention because of your base-running speed, but who is someone that can outrun you?

Answer: My brother (Deon Brown) is faster than me. Heís 20, and heís in the Army. He played football, basketball and baseball at Speake and probably the competitiveness between us when we were kids helped me. He always made me run harder.

Q: Coach Doyle Hensley said one of your strongest aspects as a catcher is your knowledge of the game. Who has taught you the most about catching?

A: I guess Coach Hensley and Coach (Bill) Black. I started catching when I was a seventh-grader. They just kind of put me back there. It was slow pitch at the time. I also caught on by watching other people and watching college sports, but I never went to any camps or anything.

Q: Is it tougher to catch in hot or cold weather?

A: Iíd rather be hot. When youíre cold, it hurts when the ball hits your hands. Iíd rather it be hot than cold any day.

Q: With graduation coming up next month, are you feeling anxious or sentimental?

A: Iím more sentimental. Iíve never done anything but play ball and go to school. I donít know what else Iím going to do. Iím not sure what my plans are yet.

Q: What is one thing that you have gotten to do that you will always remember?

A: I would say going to the state tournament in softball when I was in the seventh grade. I was probably the youngest one on the field, and I did pretty good. Thatís what I think about now. I think about wanting to go back to state as a senior and stuff.

Q: Other than Speake uniforms, what is your closet full of?

A: Mostly Aeropostale. I wear more T-shirts and blue jeans than anything though.

Q: Besides Alabama, what are three other states that you would not mind living in?

A: Well, Iíve lived a lot of places actually. I started going to Speake when I was in third grade. I was born in Florida and Iíve lived in Tennessee and Georgia. Iíd like to live in either Texas, where my brother is based in the Army, or California, or maybe Michigan because I have a lot of family there.

Q: Who do you talk to the most on the phone?

A: Probably my boyfriend (Brandon Mitchell), but I really donít like to talk on the phone that much.

Q: Do you know how your parents chose your name?

A: It was off Guiding Light. Thatís where they got ďRevia.Ē My middle name is Ann.

Q: What is one nickname you have?

A: Sometimes my family will call me ďSissyĒ or something like that, but mostly everybody just calls me Revia, I guess. To everyone at school, Iím just ďRevia.Ē

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