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Danville High's Roger Smith
Daily photo by John Godbey
Danville High's Roger Smith

One on one with ...
Danville High's Roger Smith

Danville High junior Roger Smith has been an important part of the Hawks' milestone baseball season this year. With Smith pitching and playing left field, Danville has advanced to the Class 3A state quarterfinals for the first time this season. The lefty took a break from practice earlier this week for 10 questions with The Daily's Brooke Milam:

Question: What is one thing that has gotten Danville to the quarterfinals of the state playoffs this year?

Answer: Teamwork. There are no seniors, but we've all been playing together since we were 5 years old in tee-ball. If I'm pitching and they're hitting me, I trust my teammates to get them out. That's what teamwork is,
just working together.

Q: Who is Danville baseball's biggest fan?

A: That's a tough one.

We have a lot of the softball team that comes and watches us. When we played at Holly Pond in the second round, they got pretty loud because Holly Pond had its own little cheering section, too.

Q: What is one rule in baseball you would like to change?

A: The rule that if you don't swing at a pitch, then you have to keep one foot inside the batters box — when the umpires put it into effect.

We had it called on us against Sylvania (in the first round of the playoffs), and I think that's the reason we didn't hit so well against them.

Q: If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

A: I'd be able to throw 99 mph for seven innings without being touched.

Q: You have gotten two of Danville's three playoff wins on the mound. Which game has been the

A: I would say Holly Pond because everything I threw, they hit. They put the ball in play a lot. I couldn't get anything by them. (Danville won 13-10 and completed the sweep with a 5-4 win in the second game).

Q: Who is the hardest batter to pitch to on your team?

A: Parker Hogan (sophomore catcher). He's our best hitter, and he's very disciplined at the plate.

He won't swing at any trash, and if you throw to him, he'll hit it out.

Q: In your opinion, what is the most difficult position to play?

A: I believe catching, because you have to work so hard at it. If you don't have a good catcher, then you really can't have a good pitcher.

Q: What is something nice that
has been done
for you in the past week?

A: A lot of the coaches in other sports here at Danville have come up to congratulate me, and us, on doing well.

Q: If you got to choose a song to be played when you stepped up to the plate, what would it be?

A: Probably "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva.

Q: What famous person would you most like to meet?

A: I'd say probably (St. Louis Cardinals outfielder) Jim Edmonds because of him being the Gold Glove winner. I watch him all the time and try to make some of the spectacular plays he does.

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