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MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2007

North Alabama Fishing Reports

In July 2006, behind the Aquatic Center at Point Mallard on Flint Creek, two boats filled with teenagers were playing a dangerous version of war on the water.

The object was to get a bottle rocket to fly as close to the opponent as possible. Well, one bottle rocket not only hit the target but exploded inside the (boat) next to the fuel tank.

Afterwards, it was obvious that nobody was hurt, and no damage was done.

Then I heard one of the teens in the boat that had been struck say something about how they did not even have a fire extinguisher aboard.

A nearby party boat with adults, who almost got struck by a stray bottle rocket, called the teens saying they were calling the marine police to stop the dangerous tactics.

The boats filled with the younger crowd decided to leave the area.

Stay safe and always check all safety and emergency equipment before embarking on any trip on the water.

Wheeler Lake: Largemouth bass are being caught in the thicker grass beds lining the banks of channels and creeks. If the grass has a few embedded bushes, that makes it even better for the fishermen. Texas-rigged plastic lizards work well when casting in grass.

Look for white bass and hybrid stripe to be feeding aggressively in cuts and points near the main river channel when current is flowing. Even if you donít see any surface action, start tossing a one-quarter ounce, chrome-colored, lipless crankbait to find out if the fish are close by.

Catfishing has been excellent at night around rock and concrete structure when current is flowing.

Utilizing a Carolina-rig, tip the hook with live minnows or chicken livers and hang on as some of the cats could be well over 10 pounds.

Bluegill are being caught early in the morning (before daybreak) around areas where willowflies are hatching. Expect the best hatches to come in July when a fly rod and a popping bug can make for an exciting day.

Wilson Lake: Catfishing is excellent in the tailrace of Wheeler Dam. Anglers are using cut-bait (cut skipjack), rooster livers, shad-guts, live minnows and manufactured cheese baits on the bottom to attract attention.

A few smallmouth bass are being pulled out of the current below Wheeler Dam but the size still isnít appealing. Drift live minnows and live shad in the current for best results.

Pickwick Lake: A few largemouth bass are being caught near Wilson Dam on the
outskirts of the flowing

Look for large rocks and boulders that create a sharp current break and throw crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinnerbaits for a good change at hooking-up.

The smallmouth bite has been sporadic with a few decent bags being caught during nighttime hours. Spinnerbaits and jig-and-pig combinations used near rock formations are two techniques catching brown bass.

Bluegill are being caught late in the day around rock boulders and large blowdowns that also offer plenty of afternoon shade. Look for any surface action
at all and throw live crickets
and live redworms on light tackle.

Lake Guntersville: The hawg largemouth bass patterns are changing on Guntersville as the temperatures get warmer and the grass gets thicker.

Early morning anglers have been catching plenty of largemouth bass over the 6-pound mark when throwing buzzbaits near and through floating grass beds.

Also, if you find an area of very thick grass, add a 1-2-ounce egg sinker to the line and sling it high so that the weight pops through the thick grass on the way down to where the big fish are hiding from the sun. Using this technique with a one-half-ounce jig has been successful lately.

Paul Stackhouse

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