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Class 1A-3A players of the year

2007: Will Nichols, Hatton

2006: Jarrod Harrison, Tanner

2005: Dustin Hamilton, Priceville

2004: Donovan Hand, Hatton

2003: Nick Cleckler, Hatton

2002: Josh Cowan, Tanner

2001: Brandon Turner, Elkmont

2000: Josh Terry, Hatton

1999: Heath Lovell, West Limestone

1998: Kris Haggenmaker, East Limestone

1997: Stevie Gaston, East Limestone

1996: Doug Shelton, West Morgan

1995: Wayne Mensch, Hatton

1994: Kenny Lopez, Falkville

1993: Brad Aldridge, Tanner

1992: Brad Aldridge, Tanner

1991: Lee Moran, Tanner

1990: Greg Jones, West Morgan

1989: Mike Cost, Falkville

1988: Jo Jo Smith, Ardmore

1987: Mike Pressnell, West Limestone

1986: Mike Pressnell, West Limestone

Class 1A-3A coaches of the year

2007: Brent Gillespie, Hatton

2006: Bill Murrell, Athens Bible

2005: Shane Hopkins, Priceville

2004: Roger Cobb, Ardmore

2003: Brent Gillespie, Hatton

2002: Bill Murrell, Athens Bible

2001: Bill Murrell, Athens Bible

2000: Bill Murrell, Athens Bible

1999: Bill Murrell, Athens Bible

1998: Brian Wagnon, East Limestone

1997: Kent Tucker, Falkville

1996: Ricky Bowling, West Morgan

1995: Ricky Bowling, West Morgan

1994: Tim Miller, Falkville

1993: Bill Murrell, Athens Bible

1992: Rudy Beck, Hatton

1991: Chris Whitt, Tanner

1990: Dennis Black, East Limestone

1989: Jim Anderson, Ardmore,
and Kent Tucker, Falkville

1988: Dennis Black, East Limestone

1987: Mike Nave, West Limestone

1986: Mike Nave, West Limestone

4A-6A players of the year

2007: Ty Chancelor, Austin

2006: Jordan Parker, Hartselle

2005: Ben Jones, Decatur

2004: Zach Andrews, Hartselle

2003: Zac Ward, Hartselle

2002: Ryan Bowerman, Lawrence County

2001: Brad Hand, Lawrence County

2000: Trai Meadows, Hartselle,
and Cole Barthel, Decatur

1999: Jay Sivley, Hartselle

1998: Scott McClanahan, Hartselle

1997: Jonathan Blankenship, Hartselle

1996: Jake Miles, Austin

1995: Eric Gregory, Decatur

1994: Steve Woodard, Hartselle

1993: Jay Chittam, Hartselle,
and Jay Hobbs, Hartselle

1992: Jay Chittam, Hartselle

1991: John Peek, Hartselle,
and Mack Parker, Hartselle

1990: Matt Holmes, Brewer,
and Danley Bradford, Hartselle

1989: Danley Bradford, Hartselle

1988: Jason Clanton, Austin

1987: Joey Aycock, Decatur

1986: David Bachman, Austin

Class 4A-6A coaches of the year

2007: Anthony Inman, Lawrence County

2006: William Booth, Hartselle

2005: Mike Burns, Decatur

2004: William Booth, Hartselle

2003: William Booth, Hartselle

2002: T.J. Orr, East Lawrence

2001: Tim Gillespie, Lawrence County

2000: William Booth, Hartselle

1999: William Booth, Hartselle

1998: William Booth, Hartselle

1997: Bob Godsey, Decatur

1996: William Booth, Hartselle

1995: Bob Godsey, Decatur

1994: William Booth, Hartselle

1993: William Booth, Hartselle

1992: William Booth, Hartselle

1991: William Booth, Hartselle

1990: Bobby Coggins, Athens

1989: Don Smith, East Lawrence

1988: William Booth, Hartselle

1987: Ronnie Ritter, Decatur

1986: Billy Miles, Austin

Note: The complete 2007 Class 4A-6A all-area team ran Monday. You can find it at

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