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MONDAY, JULY 16, 2007

Daniel Crow made the 11- and 12-year-old Decatur American all-star team and then hurt his left arm in an accident. Crow is still a part of the team keeping the scorebook and helping out where he can. The team plays in the state tournament in Columbiana this weekend.
Daily photo by Brennen Smith
Daniel Crow made the 11- and 12-year-old Decatur American all-star team and then hurt his left arm in an accident. Crow is still a part of the team keeping the scorebook and helping out where he can. The team plays in the state tournament in Columbiana this weekend.

He’s still
an all-star

Daniel Crow doesn’t allow injury to keep him away from the team

By Paul Stackhouse · 340-2460

It was a great night for the John Crow family when his son Daniel was announced as making the Decatur American League 11- and 12-year-old all-star team.

John would be the team manager and Daniel, 12, would be working as an infielder.

All of the cheer and excitement vanished in a split second after Daniel was involved in a four-wheeler accident while out having fun with his friends. A visit to the hospital revealed that Daniel had broken a growth-plate and a humerus bone in his left arm.

Even though he is right-handed, the injury would cost him a spot on the all-star team.

Trying times followed that tragic day until John took Daniel to the physician’s office, where the two had a serious father-son talk.

“We both knew I couldn’t play, but at the doctor’s office I told my dad that I still wanted him to manage the team,” Daniel said. “And, I also told him that I still want to be part of the team.”

From that moment on, it was all said and done. Coach Crow and his son worked out things he could do to help him be a part of the team.

“One of the things I do is keep the scorebook,” Daniel said. “Actually, I’ve learned a lot about baseball by keeping the scorebook. Also, I try to play a leadership role. If the team is down about anything, I’m going to be there to cheer them up.

“I help do a lot of things at practice like work the pitching machine if that is something we’re doing that day. I want to be a part of everything I can.”

Whether Daniel can stay in the dugout with his teammates remains to be seen. But chances are he will not because he is not actually playing. His father said he received an interesting telephone call from the state tournament director Tuesday night.

The team leaves Friday heading to Columbiana, site of the state tournament.

And, before the Decatur American first game Saturday at 5:30 p.m. against Oxford-Gold, it will be a part of pre-game ceremonies.

“The state director told me he wants to make sure and recognize injured players who are not able to actually play in the tournament,” John Crow said. “I got excited hearing that from him. I think it is great that Daniel will be recognized before everybody there, which should be a very large crowd.”

Daniel said the whole event hasn’t been a nightmare to him, but there have been some down sides.

“Having to wear a cast 24/7 for the first two weeks wasn’t much fun at all,” Daniel said. “Now, I have a cast that you can take off when you need to. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing a lot of things, like getting in swimming pools with my cast off. I still have to be real careful, though. The doctor said if I re-break it, it would be six to nine months before it would heal back — ouch. I really don’t want that at all.”

Decatur American came in second place in the sub-district tournament in Athens but still received a bid to play district in Hartselle. Decatur American claimed the championship in the district tournament and now it is officially in the state tournament.

After winning the championship game, a Dixie Youth official got parents, coaches and players together for a meeting and he was going to give everybody a chance to ask any questions.

When question time began, Daniel was the first to raise his hand and ask about what was on his mind.

“Do they have a swimming pool at the motel?” Daniel said with a semi-serious look on his face.

The official said he wasn’t sure, but he believes the motel does have a pool.

It was a moment that Daniel showed he is still a kid, even though he has had to grow up some in the past couple of weeks.

“I want to be there with all my friends and teammates but I also want to have fun,” he

“I know having fun is part of it. I mean, just being around the team is fun, but there are other fun things we’ll get to do.”

How long Daniel and the team will stay in Columbiana depends on how many games the Decatur American 11- and 12-year-olds Ozone Division team wins. The state tournament is a double-elimination event, which means if you suffer two losses, your season is over.

“We’re going to go down and give it our best shot,” John Crow said.

“This team has worked hard to get to the point they are at now, and I don’t see any of us slowing down any at state. We’ll give it our best shot and see what happens.”

Whether inside the dugout or out, one thing is for sure.

Daniel Crow is going to make his presence known to all around him.

And it’s a good bet he will make his presence known to all opposing teams.

If anybody asks who all was on the Decatur American all-star team, there should not be a doubt in anybody’s mind that Daniel Crow’s name will be called out loud and clear.

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