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Freezing water in paper milk and juice containers is a great way to keep cold water in your boat's ice box for a long time. In the event you have engine trouble or some other delay in reaching the launch at the end of your boating trip, the water you froze could still be cool and refreshing.

Keep in mind that when using this technique, put the ice block in your boat's container and then cover it with crushed or other ice brought from home or bought at a store. The crushed ice can keep drinks cold and the block of ice keeps things from melting so fast. It also lasts a long time in the event of an emergency.

Wheeler Lake: Early morning is the time to throw Texas-rigged plastic worms around causeway bridges or other areas where the current is funneled, making it flow even faster. At this time of year, largemouth and smallmouth bass tend to gather at these locations to catch an easy meal delivered from the swift water.

If you use this technique, have several different plans ready to use. If a Texas-rigged plastic worm doesn't produce any strikes, be ready to switch over to crankbaits, spinnerbaits or even swimming jigs. Also remember to change colors, as different shades can trigger aggressive strikes on even the worst of days.

Anglers have had steady to good catches of catfish at night. When current is flowing, use chicken livers, nightcrawlers or cutbait on the bottom around structure in depths of more than 15 feet.

Wilson Lake: Anglers are reeling in a few good catches of catfish during late afternoon in the tailrace of Wheeler Dam. Anglers are using cutbait and live minnows around submerged rock structure when current is flowing.

Also, anglers are latching onto a few decent catches of hybrid stripe and white bass in current. Drifting live shad or live minnows in the swift water is the preferred technique.

Pickwick Lake: The bluegill bite has remained steady during late afternoon around rock bluffs and other areas where shade is plentiful. Live crickets are the bait of choice.

Look for smallmouth bass to feed at night around rocky shorelines when current is flowing. Hair jigs and spinnerbaits are good choices to attract a bronzeback's attention.

Lake Guntersville: Early morning is the time to throw buzzbaits and other topwater lures around floating grass beds to catch largemouth bass. During late afternoon, a Texas-rigged plastic lizard placed near the edge of the vegetation is a good technique to catch a trophy largemouth bass when the action has been fairly slow.

Paul Stackhouse

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