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Nose to nose with . . .
Decatur High's Riley Adcock

Decatur High senior Riley Adcock has embraced the unique challenges and opportunities of being a coachís son. Adcock has grown up with a behind-the-scenes look at the well-respected Red Raidersí program and took time during homecoming week to reflect on some of those memories with 10 questions from Daily Sports Writer Brooke Milam:

Question: What is your first memory of Decatur football?

Answer: Probably in the locker room after practice and stuff when I was a ball boy at like 5 and 6 years old, getting put inside lockers and on top of vending machines.

Q: Who is one former Decatur player you remember from those times?

A: Brooks and Brent Collins, they picked on me all the time, and then Matt and Josh Gowan did, too. They were always messing with me. And Cole Barthel, he was my idol when I was a little kid. I wanted to be just like him. He had this scar on his hand and I wanted one, too, just to be like him. Thatís a few I remember, but there were a bunch. In some ways, I remember all of them.

Q: With 22 Red Raider seniors on the team this year, what is something funny you remember happening to this group in your younger playing days?

A: I canít remember if it was middle school or when we were freshmen, but William Rice (now a 6-foot-0, 230-pound defensive tackle) picked up a fumble and ran it back like 90 yards for a touchdown in a game. Heís a big guy, but he was running so fast — like as fast as anyone.

Q: What is your favorite Decatur High gameday tradition?

A: At pep rallies, I like walking in. We have a pep rally every Friday and we all walk in together. Then the alma mater at the end.

Q: How long have you been No. 17?

A: Freshman year I was No. 7 and No. 17. I had No. 17 at home and No. 7 away. Then the next year, as a sophomore, I was just No. 17 and have been since. Itís kind of because Philip (Rivers) was No. 17 and his dad (Steve Rivers) was a coach, and Rob (Ezell) was No. 17 and his dad (Garner Ezell) had been a coach, so I did it because my dad (Jere Adcock) is a coach. Everybody jokes on me about it now, though.

Q: What is something you like to do with your teammates other than play football?

A: We go out and eat a lot, a group of guys. Me and Pete (Brown) go to Mi Hacienda a lot to eat. We actually all play football together a lot outside of practice, too, just like flag football in the backyard or whatever. We like to play pick-up basketball, too.

Q: With high school coming to an end, where do you see yourself on this day a year from now?

A: Hopefully Iíll be at Auburn in school. Thatís what I want to be doing. Iím sure a year from now Iíll be here (in Decatur) for homecoming, though.

Q: If your friends were picking a profession for you based on your personality, what do you think it would be?

A: A long time ago, they always said I wanted to be a farmer because when we used to do those survey things Iíd always end up in agriculture or something like that. But I want to do something with kids. When I applied for college, I put elementary education for my major, but Iím not totally sure what Iíll end up doing.

Q: Decatur has a lot of rivalry games, but to you who is the Red Raidersí biggest rival?

A: Well, when I was little, we lost to Hartselle one time and I remember going home and crying. Probably, though, Austin has to be the biggest just because itís in the city.

Q: Is there any part of football you do not think you will miss?

A: Iíll miss all of it, really. Well, I guess I wonít miss waking up at 5 a.m. in the summer for workouts, but weíll all miss the family atmosphere and everyone being together.

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