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Nose to nose with . . .
Hartselle High's Brad Borden

Hartselle High senior linebacker Brad Borden is a two-year starter for Coach Bob Godsey's Tigers and knows his position well. Helping lead Hartselle's defense is a heavy task, but Borden has plenty of support with a talented corps of linebackers. Borden was hit with 10 questions this week from Daily Sports Writer Brooke Milam:

Question: In 20 years when people ask you what it was like playing for Hartselle High, how will you describe it?

Answer: Always full of energy and surrounded by good support. Everybody is looking out for you.

Q: Linebackers are normally seen as the leaders of the defense. What is something you know Coach Godsey is expecting from you as far as leadership goes?

A: To get the plays called out and get the signals off the sidelines. They look at us as the heart and soul of the defense, and when things are bad, it's up to us to keep everybody calm.

Q: Hartselle plays one of the toughest schedules in the state. Your record may not be where you want it right now at 2-4 overall, but what still makes Hartselle a dangerous team this season?

A: I feel like we've competed really close in pretty much every game. We're pretty much seen as the underdogs, and we still have the talent of a top-10 team in the state. Especially if we get in the playoffs, I think we'll be a threat, and we'll be overlooked.

Q: Who of your teammates pushes you the most in practice?

A: I'd say Tyler Watson (senior receiver) because it's always a big competition between us. If he messes up, I get on him, and if I mess up, he always makes fun of me. Tyler pushes me the most. Michael Reed (senior linebacker) and him, because he's right beside me.

Q: Have you ever scored a touchdown in a game?

A: No. I'm still looking for it though. I'm waiting for that.

Q: No points for a tackle, but what is your reward for a big hit?

A: Just energizing the whole team. I feel like a big hit can really be a game-changer. It steps the whole team up to another level of game play and energy.

Q: What would you say is the personality type of a good linebacker?

A: Crazy with a lot of heart. A leader. Commanding. About 90 percent of being a linebacker is the heart and desire and going as hard as you can go. I try to fit that.

Q: Who is the best high school linebacker you have ever seen?

A: I guess Rolando McClain (2007 Decatur High graduate now playing at Alabama). But as far as craziness and speed goes — Michael Reed ... and J.D. (added with a smile because Coach J.D. Glenn, a former Hartselle player from 2004, was in the room.)

Q: If they played a song over the public address system at J.P. Cain Stadium every time you made a tackle, what would your theme song be?

A: "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor." (By Drowning Pool)

Q: Your girlfriend Lauren Drake, who is now a student at Auburn, is a former all-state basketball player for Hartselle and was The Daily's player of the year this past spring. So, who is the better athlete?

A: It's a huge competition because I kind of brag on myself a little, but she always reminds me that she was awesome in high school. I make fun of her and tell her she's a "has been" now. She's history. But she really helps me and pushes me in everything I do.

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